About Us

Taking the Reins-An Entirely New Equine Experience!

What is Taking the Reins?

Taking the Reins is owned by the Wisconsin Horse Council and presented by the Midwest Horse Fair. The inaugural 2012 event brought 3,800 people to the Madison area and offered them the experience to interact with world-class trainers in an intimate setting. In it's second year, Taking the Reins was host to 3,600 attendees and focused again on keeping the event family-friendly & affordable. Since Taking the Reins is about doing rather than just seeing, participation is highly encouraged and is in fact the main focus of the event. The recreational nature of equestrian sports gives even non-horse owners the chance to partake in activities at the event, which in turn helps to educate more people about the equestrian community. 

What is there to do?

Explore. Learn. Do. A hands-on equine event.

Taking the Reins provides attendees the opportunity to work hands on with trainers and clinicians. From interactive demonstrations to one on one work a trainer, participants will literally take the reins and learn from the industry’s finest. 

Who puts on Taking the Reins?

Taking the Reins presented by the Midwest Horse Fair is owned by the Wisconsin Horse Council. All proceeds from the event are returned to the WHC and are used to represent and foster a unified equine industry in Wisconsin, promote the equine through leadership, education, service and communication, and to take a proactive role in the future growth and development of the equine industry.  


To unite all facets of the horse industry through the premier event known as the Midwest Horse Fair by focusing on education, networking and promotional opportunities; introduce non-horse owners to the beauty and enjoyment of this magnificent animal, and to provide entertainment to individuals and families of all ages.